Monday, November 12, 2007


With the cash Jo got for her birthday, we went to a local toy shop and she picked out this set of bells. It comes with music you can read either by following the colors, the numbers on the bells, or the notes - but really, Jo just likes to arrange them, line them up, and ring them.

So - thanks for the bells, Aunt Yvonne and Great-grandmother!

She insisted I take a photo of her using her toe. She also tried to eat her noodles with a fork between her toes at dinner last night.

We are very proud.

Actually, I am relieved - she knows her colors finally! I mean, she's known pink and orange for a few months now, but finally she's identifying the rest of them properly. I was told I shouldn't worry, that kids don't know their colors this young, but I couldn't help it. I should have realized, perhaps, that interest was winning the day: hence her desire for pink juice, pink cream cheese, pink clothes, pink trike, pink everything... sigh...

Shoot, it seems something's wrong with the server, it won't let me upload the other photos... will try tomorrow!

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