Friday, November 16, 2007

Photo Shoot Results

Well, I've learned my lesson about photo shoots:

1) People with dark hair don't look good against dark backgrounds (hair disappears into the dark)
2) Do the laundry (I didn't have anything fancy so I went casual)
3) Keep your expectations low (mine are always high)

I feel like the bow, in most of these shots, looks like a giant bird is nesting in her head.

The photographer was really great in terms of working with a very serious Josephine to get her to smile - she did what she could. Check this link to see the available photos - they are available to order, if you like.

This one here is my favorite. But then, I tend to prefer black and white in general.

Of course, for a lot more money, you can schedule a longer shoot outdoors or wherever with time for clothing changes...


~Mommy~ said...

Beautiful! I like the one where she's looking down at the flower in her hands. It seems so natural. It's always hard to pick when you have so many good choices. Good luck!

Lookability said...

Your fave is my fave too. Will I see you two this weekend? Email me your itinerary...