Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Red Dress... and some more pictures

OKAY, I admit it. I'm a pushover. There. I said it.

We went to Kmart for some needed diapers, and there were the dresses, and there is the Holiday Party in a few weeks, and well, I had kind of told Jo I'd get her a dress since I made her remove the one she'd been wearing for two days in a row this morning, and... well, they were 40% off...

And she came home and put it on and pranced and flounced in front of the mirror - she had to try all of the mirrors, actually - and she must have really liked it, because she agreed to take it off so as not to get it dirty while she ate dinner.

I did show restraint at the store when I did not buy all of the pants Jo picked out and trotted to the cart. She also fingered a snow hat with a Bratz doll on it, and no way was I giving into any of that. (Like most of my friends these days, we suddenly find Barbie to be demure and charming and a strong woman, in contrast to the whorish Bratz dolls whose brazen superficiality is so trashy and grotesque...)...

Anyway, I found some pics from Halloween proper that I hadn't posted, mixed in with Jo's recent visit to Sean's parents. There are some really cute ones of the monkey - and some where I actually look less like death warmed over and more a little along the lines of a live human being. So: take a look!

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