Friday, October 24, 2008

Video Birthday Card

Need a pick-me-up? Watch this video birthday card we made for my mom!

FYI, Jo calls herself Princess Cilla - and that weird bowing thing she does is her attempt at a curtsy...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I watched him pull himself up today - sure, it was to grab his sister's book and eat it - but that's motivation for you!

He has also figured out how to move forward, not just backward. With the alacrity of an alligator, I might add.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


- Aunt Yvonne doing playdoh with Jo - cracking us up as they made little people...
- Aunt Linda holding Sam - in one of the many times she stepped in to take care of him while chaos was going on with everyone else!
- Uncle CL with Sam
- Jo and Brett, my cousin Holly's son, playing playdoh

Sunday School with Minister/Grandma Helen

Other Things We Did in Texas

Exercised with cousin Brian
Got our nails done at the salon

Texas Horses

Sam got his first ride on a horse with Grandma Helen.

Jo opted for the mall version.

Sam's Doing Great

He's now got four teeth, two up, two down! So he's eating all sorts of melon and fruit in nice big chunks. He's so much happier now that the teeth are in. And he's doing fine!

Busy Princess Cilla

I'm so darn crafty. Look at these stilts I whipped together from baby food tins. I'm actually, due to all this green consciousness going around, feeling quite neurotic these days about needing to take every scrap of trash and transform it to some useful or fun end, instead of trashing or recycling it. Sometimes, I come out with something cool, like these stilts; other times, most of the time, I just end up with boxes of crapola degrading in my art room, making me feel guilty for object-neglect...

Every single shoe I own got lined up in the living room while I was talking on the phone the other day. I feel traces of my grandmother revealed - lots of shoes; reused trash; talking on the phone. It's all in the genes!

Please notice the lovely quilt my mother's friend Linda made for Sam! And the princess nightgown from Aunt Yvonne, and the fairy tiara from Aunt Janelle!

The First Ballet

Last week we took Jo and Lily to their first ballet: The first performance by the new Charlottesville Ballet Company at the McGuffey Art Center's First Friday (art opening). Both short dances were performed by three ballerinas; we got to sit on the front row and see it all up close.

We did have to wait a while to get in and then, once in, we had to wait for the show to start. Jo and Lil were the warm-up act - they danced on the "stage" while MB and I cringed, hoping we weren't going to get kicked out. We didn't; and the girls were mostly quiet and contained during the performance - except for Lily leaning over to Jo and, in a stage whisper, saying: "When they're done, it will be our turn; we'll get their dresses."

In other words, they were entranced, but not so impressed that they weren't ready to get up and do it themselves.