Thursday, August 28, 2014

Catching up with pictures!

Like Amy Sarah, I mostly post things these days to Facebook. But, in the spirit of keeping a good archives about Sam and Josephine's childhood I am going to upload a few things from the year to date. This is the first of many posts.
Another experiment in freezing our Lego guys conducting on an April Sunday
Revisiting the old cardboard blocks that had been banished to the basement sometime in April

Such a nice and innocent little boy, right?

But he will protect you in the fierce woods of Charlottesville!
Inspecting the artwork at my office sometime in May

Turns out that the blocks didn't stay banished, and many empires were built. 
More to come! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Grandma Helen's Box of Treasures arrived yesterday. Shiny, antique fish lures for Sam. Grandma's hairnets for Amy Sarah. An "L" handkerchief for Lisa. A cooking & crafts book for Josy. Shells, marbles, butterfly art. So, so fun!

Then the kids took the packing paper and the cardboard box and got to work collaborating on a robot-cat-habitat hybrid installation. They look a little creepy here to me, but they had fun doing it. Getting the cat in the "habitat"? Not enjoyable for said cat.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Day of 3rd and 1st Grades

Two cutie pies!

The other day in the car, they had a long-winded discussion about smokers. It started off as a disagreement about whether a guy they saw driving his car and smoking a cigarette was going to set his car on fire or not. Sam said no, but that smoking makes your teeth ugly.
Why do people smoke? Jo asked.
Because they put stuff in them to make you want it more, said Sam.
But it's bad. People will call you bad names.
Like what, I asked.
I can't say it, said Sam. A bad word.
Oh dear, I said. Now I'm curious.
It starts with a "J."
Josephine said, I don't know any cuss words that start with a J!
Me, either! I said.
Finally he imitated Sean yelling at people in traffic. Josephine exclaimed, oh, I know what he means! "JERK."
Wow, said Josephine. That's the FIRST time I've ever said that word.

I had no idea what to say.

But I'm glad they are still innocent enough that the word "jerk" is a "bad word"...!