Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Celebrating daddy's 2012 birthday

It was my birthday this week, which meant a visit from my parents.

Sam was so excited to see my dad. 
Josephine with my mother. She was so happy to see her. 
My parents brought Sam and Josy these stuffed dinosaurs. The kids spent a while trying to come up with names for them. They settled on Princess and Asterix. 
Asterix is currently a big hit at the moment. This pleases me. 
Family portrait! 

Story time at Chaps. Notice that my dad is now playing with Princess and Asterix. 

Mirror image of Josephine as we explored the Downtown Mall. 

My dad and I had to explain to the kids what a typewriter is and how it was used in the days before computers. 
When I looked at this picture, I'm struck by how glad I am that Sam and Josephine have each other. They may quarrel, but they genuinely love each other and are growing into amazing children.