Monday, November 24, 2008

When I'm Not Looking...

1) Decorating these 'paper' dolls... but then the next time I looked, Jo had begun decorating everything - table, etc.
2) I was in the kitchen, came around the corner, to find Jo immersed in the dog food bag
3) Went downstairs to change the laundry over, came back up to find - this. Sam's hair, you can't tell, but was pink.

This is just the beginning, isn't it?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Josephine was smacking bread flour between her hands, sending white poofs! into the air and making Sam laugh.

What in the world are you doing? I asked.

Catching flour-flies, she said. And making my brudder laugh!

Brudder, by the way, is crawling-slithering allover the house. He followed daddy into the bathroom to watch him shave. Male bonding! It's kind of like having a pet lizard. A really cute one, with five teeth and red swirly hair.

Friday, November 14, 2008

the story today from the girl...

above: in her chicken-duck outfit, posing with the lovely airplane bag from linda miller, the amazing quilter who has made a quilt for both children, and then this bag that we used while flying...
below: in the adorable butterfly costume from Grandma Phyllis, while Sam, in his Texas shirt, looks on - Josephine insisted he wear this shirt today so that he could "do ballet" with her as "Sparkle Man" - be a "ballet-er" -

I did dream that I was a bird and I did fly into the sky - with my bird friends -

my daddy did make me a bird costume but it was too big - but I wore it -

he did a shortcut -

then, changing subjects: You should dye your hair pink.

and later:

my other parents - they are trees -

(she has taken to babbling as if speaking in tongues - as if it means something - so funny - )

sam update:
the other day he waved bye by and hi - words included; he scamper-crawls; 21 pounds - is in 50% for weight and only 25% for height, meaning he's stocky already; the reddish curls continue...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Visiting Robin & Maymont

After seeing bears and eagles and goats and sheep at Maymont, we dug up carrots and potatoes out of Robin's garden and ate them!

A Good Nightmare

Jo's Halloween Dream:

There was a scary witch, and she was flying into the dark.
She was wooden.
Her shoes were made of wood, and she had wings.

There were bakers.
They had to bake a strawberry cake.
They were with my friends in Mexican.

Then the witch, she did fly, and she was bad, but she wanted to be good.
She wanted to take off her clothes and be good.

Then my friends did walk out of my dream.
They ate the cake and then came out of my dream.

It was a good nightmare.

While listening to music in the car:
"Mom! Mom!"
"Yes, Jo, what is it?"
"My bum is dancing!"
A strange imagination:
I hear her crying out. I go to her room.
"Jo, what is it?"
"Look in my bed!"
I look. There is nothing there.
"Uh... what am I seeing?"
"It's my mommy and daddy. They are here in bed and they can't wake up. " freaky...