Monday, October 22, 2012

Awesome weekend in October 2012

My kids love this game called Subway Surfer. The three of us are playing it together. I like it best when Josephine says tto Sam: "Hey, you're really good at this!" 

At my parent's house, Josy had cupcakes to celebrate her birthday. She had a hard time blowing them out. 

So, Sam helped her out! I love how well they get along most of the time. Not alll of the time. But most of the time. 

Grandma helps Josy comb her hair out after it was washed in the bathroom. 

We played a version of Jai Alai until the ball wound up in the Ivy. I played in this yard when I was a boy, and now it warms my heart so much that they're playing there, too. 

Amy told me that Josephine wanted a lava lamp for her birthday, so I passed that onto my mother . End result? This smiling face. 

This is a mask that my dad got from somewhere at some point. Now Sam wears it, just as I wore it when I was a child. 

Sam is wearing an eye mask from my parents and glasses he picked out for himelf. We took about ten of these, and there's one a bit further down in this post. 

Josephine reading Asterix. This is the French version, though, so I'm not quite sure how far she got. 

Josephine loves Charlie so much. 

She also loves chickens. This is a chick from the petting zoo at the Mountaintop Montessori Fal Festival. 

And this is Josephine transformed into a kitty cat at the festival. 

Here's another view. 

Prior to that, of course, we were in the trees. 

We had gone to the festival to see some of my friends playing music. Here's Sam standing by while the Pollacks are about to start 

Now, a bit of reality. We had a tricky time for a while because Sam wanted to make something at the festival, but I didn't quite understand what he meant when he says he wanted to "earn" something. He and I were both getting frustrated about this, but I finally figured out what he wanted. Unfortunately, things were closing and the Gourd Painting was finished. Sam got upset. The Pumpkin Hunt was done. Sam got upset. He was sad, and I was sad because I couldn't cheer him up. But thankfully, we discovered that Butterfly Felting was still open, and this woman totally helped us out and made Sam happy. 
Here's Sam putting his ticket in, finally happy to be able to spend his tickets and participate in the festival. 

And it made our day. This little boy is so amazing to me and I'm proud to be his father. 

Here's the other one. This is at his house. Josephine's Littlest Pet Shop toys are on the table. 

The two of them together, having fun. Josephine is now 7 and spent a lot of the time exploring by herself. She's getting more and more independent, but I always keep an eye on her. 

Sam took this picture of Josephine. He took a whole string of them, but this was my favorite. 

Finally. Sam's pointing at the moon. Because maybe he'll go there one day. 

Monday, October 15, 2012