Thursday, April 9, 2015

Art, Easter, Photobombs - Must be Spring 2015

A trip to the art museum with friends... three easter egg hunts... playing with the camera... and a couple pics from st. patrick's day...

Sam told us he likes the sun, because, he's like the sun, he's a son, get it?

He got "secretly" "fake-married" to their friend, Neva, yesterday, by friend Wren. Rings made out of pipe cleaners and paper. Jo was bridesmaid. SHHH.

Josy saw a statue and said, "That's the Venus de Milo, right?"

She also tried explaining the centaur myth to the other kids (see pic above).

She joined her friend (granddaughter of our next-door neighbor, Norm) on Monday collecting grass/weeds, mixing them with chalk, then packaging and selling this concoction as a "NatureMade" healing rub for 'bumps and bruises.' They made $9. "It's FDA-approved, really," said Jo.

She has recently declared that she's done with PINK and has moved onto PURPLE. It's the end of an age!

Sam is mad that he has to do "school" work at "home." The concept of "homework" seems ridiculous to him. "I should do work at school and play at home! Not play at school and work at home!"

Sam breaks down easter: there were a bunch of kings and they didnt want him to be king although he is god and god is really important so they killed him.