Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Update 2013

Mom here. Realizing that I need to keep updating this blog so we don't forget things they say and do! I've been mostly posting to Facebook, but can't neglect this space... So here's some recent photos, showing off their love of dressing up. They are both complete hams. 

Josephine: "Titan, What excellent behavior!" "Butterscotch, you are the cat of my life!" - I love the way she talks. I also love that she affects both British and Southern accents at will. 

Sam: We were walking along and I was holding his hand. Suddenly he started flapping his other hand around his body, as if it were a limp sleeve. "I need someone to hold my hand, so it stops flapping around!" This was his way of getting Lisa to hold his other hand. We were cracking up.