Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sam's Poems

Sam "helping" Lisa unscrew the oven hood. 
Sam has started making up poems.

The other morning it was something like:

I run around at school
I think it's pretty cool
We have lots of fun
Now I'm going to drool

Last night's poem:

Cuddle in me
Cuddle in me
Tell me a story
Cuddle in me
Cuddle in me

He then explained to me: "It's 'cuddle IN' because it's like God, like you're IN my heart, inside me, cuddling my heart, AND you're cuddling me on the outside, too."

I don't know when he got so deep, but these two poems together - silly and sweet - demonstrate why this boy is just so special and why I love him so much.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ballet Class, May 2013

You can watch a little of the dancing in this video:

Springing and Flouncing

Watch a short clip of skipping after her spring concert: Skipping & Flouncing

Adorable Josephine flounced up to me and announced, "I just shooted a booger out of my nose!"

Recently she invented a Fossil Fuel Salad - told us how we could make flat layers of spinach with marshmellows and strawberries in-between the layers and smash them down to imitate the formation of fossil fuels. Her smart imagination just wows me!

Meanwhile, it was Sam's turn to bring The Bag to church for the Children's Time - something that reminds him of God. He chose his stuffed animal Lion, AKA Mane, because "Mama gave this to me when I was a baby. And Mama is full of God."