Monday, May 14, 2012

Pictures from early May 2012

Sam is in a Star Wars phase and this is his light saber.

The best way to swing is upside-down!

Now you see me! 

Now you don't! 

Sam doesn't know the words yet, but he loves to read. 

Sam and his friends. 

Jo the Butterfly. "Am I a monarch?" she asked. 

Jo draws a star in the middle of this picture as we spent the day at the Tom Tom Founders Festival  field day at the Ix Building. Sam and I are above. 

Hula hooping at Tom Tom! 

Jo will wade right in to the river, not afraid to get wet or dirty. 

She will read anywhere. 

Sam, on the other hand, waits on shore. He wanted to go in, but his mother reminded him that he would not be happy  if he got wet. He heeded her advice. 

Sam takes in the gospel singers who were on the stage. In all, a great day!