Friday, December 29, 2006



So, I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. I kept e-mailing everyone with updates during my pregnancy, and then for a few months after her birth, but I really had no clue if everyone getting those updates was that interested or not...

So, what I'm hoping to do, is just keep track of things, not only for others, but for myself and Sean - and someday for Josephine, too! This is much easier than the baby book.

So, yesterday was her FIRST HAIRCUT. Her bangs were getting snarled in her snotty nose, and the clip solution works for five seconds until she's got the clip in her mouth. So now she's got this bowl cut, which makes her look French, in my view. It looks good straight, and wild when curly - which is how it looks.

Also: she has learned to FROWN. According to Sean, she looks like me and my mom when she does it. She does look exactly like some of my mother's grade school pictures sometimes. She also looks like Sean's mother when her hair gets super fuzzy and her nose gets pink.

Word acquisition: She can say the following:
dada (this word applies both to the actual Dada, and to things Dada does with her. This morning, the baby on the yogurt container was "Dada." Sometimes, the dog is Dada. )
maimey - a hybrid of "Amy" and "Mama" that only comes out when she's desperate for nursing; she doesn't really use Mama that much
dog or dawg - the other day, I said "Where is the dog?" and she pointed straight at Billy, with this look on her face like, "Lady, you've got to be kidding, you don't know that's our dog?"
baby - she can point at and name "baby", except if they are on yogurt containers
hello - said this the other day while playing with Sean's parents
yep - she does this while nodding, a very firm affirmation!
no - she does this while shaking her head, but proceeds to do whatever she was going to do anyway
duck - it could also be dog - but we have so many rubber duckies everywhere, I'm pretty sure she gets it (?)

She knows ball; she grabs it if you tell her to.
She showed me she needed her diaper changed the other day by laying down and patting her pants.
Cow: she can moo like a cow
Shush: She puts her finger to her lips and goes "shhhh!" And then she yells really loudly.
Eyes, mouth, nose, toes: She can point to all of these when asked, but only when she wants to

Favorite things to do:
Pretend to talk on a cell phone
Chase the dog
Put dog food in the dog water bowl
Climb on things, anything
Read by herself or with others
Drive her car
Escape outside
Run across the street to neighbor Ellie's house, which has two koi ponds, lights, and plenty of cats to chase

Since we lost our babysitter a couple weeks ago, Josie's being watched full time by Sean. So far, this is going okay; we're looking to share childcare with friends and to get a sitter in part time.

My goal is to keep this updated with information and pictures, so please visit when you're wondering how Josie is doing! And please comment if you like, too.