Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Love and Hearts

Jo to Sam: "you know what my Christmas gift to you is? Love." 

Sam:"you mean a heart?" 

"No, just love."

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another trip to Lynchburg

These are the woods that meant so much to me as a kid, and mean even more to me now that my daughter is the age I was when I first began to play in them.

My amazing parents with my amazing son. Not to mention the dog, who is also amazing. 

Helping granddad with the backyard. Or rather, helping granddad make a mess of the backyard. 

I've posted one of these before, but this one's important. The creek was clogged by all sorts of leaves, and I wanted to show her that it's possible to clear a path to allow things to flow. Rivers and streams can teach us so much about our lives and how to live them. It's always possible to fix things if you are willing to think and take risks. 

It may not be baseball season yet, but my son really wants to learn how to play.

They're really beginning to grow up.