Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Josephine and her mermaids

Long-time readers of this blog may know that Jo is absolutely obsessed with mermaids, and this picture displays how that infatuation permeates her daily life. Can you find the three mermaids in this picture?

And no, Superman isn't one of them. He's just tucked in waiting for the light to be turned off. Superheroes need their sleep, you know.

Sam and his toothbrush.

Sam's at the point where he needs to learn new things. That's where Josephine came in. The other night, Jo and I taught Sam how to brush his teeth. First I brushed mine. Then Jo joined in. Then Sam felt that he had to mimic what we were doing. All three of us scrubbed and scrubbed and now he seems to want to do it every night he's at my house.

But, of course, as soon as I took away the toothbrush, he began to cry. We're still working on teaching him that some things we hang on to for only a little while. In general, he's beginning to really blossom in terms of being curious and aware of the world. It's a pleasure to be around him during the day.

Nights, however? Don't get Amy and I started about how frustrating he can be at 1:30 AM! Still, he's a beautiful little boy, isn't he?

"Love is a Season?"

This is a great question Jo asked me today.

Also asked me the other day "we save water to take care of Mother Earth?"

I truly don't know where she gets these things.

But they are sweet.

Valentine's Day Party Pics

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting in Shape...

Jo: Mom, are you getting in shape?
- um, maybe? Yes?
Jo: Are you going to be a circle or a diamond?

Jo: What's his name (pointing to elephant in book)?
- Elliot.
Jo: What's his nick name?
- Um, not sure. Ellie? I don't know. What do you think.
Jo: How about Mike? Mikey?

Jo: What's your nickname?
- Well, I don't really have one.
Jo: Amy Sarah Marshall?
- Sure.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The things she says...

Mom, I think you're talented.
- Pardon?
You're talented.
-Oh. At - what? Singing?
-or dancing?
- picking my nose?
-What then?
At doing art.
-Oh. Well, um, thank you, Josephine. That's a very kind thing to say. You're talented, too.
-Nope? Yes, yes, you are. You're talented at art, too.
-What about Daddy? Is he talented?
-But Daddy does art too...?
Girls do art. Boys don't do art.
-Josephine, anyone can do art. Daddy draws great faces, and you're a very talented painter.
-What about Sam? Sam is talented, right?
Sam is talented at puking on the floor.
-Oh my.
...and Sam is talented at crawling and scooting and crying...
-True... I think you're a talented painter, Jo. And you're a talented singer and dancer, and you're very good at making people laugh. You know, being talented is a good thing to be... you are talented, don't you think?
Yes. And Daddy, too.
- Yes. (Whew.)

Are you a fat lady, Mom?
-Excuse me? A what?
A fat lady. You're a fat lady.
-No, honey, I'm not. And we don't really talk about people like that. You don't even know any fat ladies!
"names a person we know tangentially" is a fat lady.
- Josephine! She's not... (thinking, well...) she's not fat. Honey. No more talking about fat ladies. Please...


Sledding Sans Snow

We went to one of my favorite playgrounds yesterday - I love it because there's all kinds of people there pretty much anytime you go, plus lots of challenging equipment (like a barrel roll!), and a fantastic hill. It's a hill perfect for sledding, and that's just what a gang of kids were doing - even without snow! We were delighted.

Delighted to watch, that is. I wasn't expecting Jo to work her way into the crowd - these kids were six and above - or for the next thing to be me watching the whole lot of them giving her a shove over the edge! She loved it! Next thing was she was holding hands with this little boy with an African accent who kept singing a popular dance song, and the two of them went on the sled together.

What impressed me about Josephine's personality is how determined she was to go down that hill, and how subtly and over time she enmeshed herself in the crowd - how brave and confident she was with the rowdier, older children - and how fearless she was about the fairly steep sled ride. She truly derives a great deal of joy from being around other kids. It's fun to see how independent she is in exploring her world.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Photos from Sam's Bday

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Valentine's Day Package

Ooh so much fun getting a big Valentine's Day package from Grandma Helen! Candy, stickers, treats, clothes... earrings for Mama... a chocolate bar Mama ate in less than a minute flat... chocolate for Sam Mama might have um eaten also... um...

So, picture #1 is what Josephine did when asked to pose for the camera "holding up the dress."

I didn't quite mean it like that.

Sam loved shaking all the packages. Josephine loves stickers and has already made several valentines with them... and of course, everything is PINK. And Grandma labeled her name on everything - including gorgeous stitching on the pink dress.

Thanks, Grandma Helen!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Reflections on Sam's first birthday

A year ago today I was blessed to help Amy bring Sam into the world. We showed up at Martha Jefferson Hospital a little after 7, and a few hours later, we had a bouncing baby boy.

The surgeon who performed the C-section on Amy was the same one who delivered Josephine just two and a half years before. He remembered us. When the baby came out and we could hear a little cry, he asked us what we had at home. We told him we had a little girl.

"Now you have the other kind, too!" he exclaimed!

I squeezed Amy's hand and we were both so happy to have a little boy to go along with our little girl. We were so overjoyed, and we would be pioneers. All of our friends' with two children seemed to have two girls. We would have a boy and a girl.

After he was cleaned up, I got to go with him into the nursery while he was put underneath the heat lamp. He weighed 6 pounds and 10 ounces, a little more than his sister had done. Like his sister, he was alert with eyes darting everywhere just minutes after birth. I told him all about his mother, his sister, and his other brother. Those first 30 minutes were magical and I was proud to be there with him as he took his first breaths, saw his first sights. I'm proud to be his father.

As with Josephine, we weren't entirely sure what we were going to name the little creature. I had my choices, and Amy had ours. After much discussion in the recovery room, we finally settled on Samuel Nelson Tubbs, with Nelson chosen to honor Amy's late father.

Now he is one, and he's so close to walking. He loves music, loves to play with his toys, and just beginning to discover books. He's a ravenous eater, and shows all the signs of the same stubborn gene that Amy and I both have, and certainly passed on to Josephine.

From the very early days, my nick-name for Sam has been Bam! complete with exclamation point. He's going to be a bruiser, a welcome cauldron of male energy. We're going to have to our hands full with him.

And you know what? It's going to be great. I look forward to the rest of his life. I look forward to seeing how he and Josephine grow up together. I can't wait until he starts talking and his vocalizations become articulate communications. I look forward to continuing exploring the world with him. He's a very curious little boy who sits patiently as I explain to him what things are and how they work.

I love his laugh, and how happy he sounds. His laugh is so similar to his sister's.

There have been challenges, of course. I'm glad that we are finally learning strategies to get him to go to sleep. He does tend to be a little more clingy than Josephine was at his age. That could be because he has only recently begun daycare, whereas Josephine began at three months in. There was the incident in September where he was hospitalized in Texas during a nasty scare.

I'm proud of his mother for all the hard work she puts into raising him.

I'm proud of his sister for being a relatively good big sister, and for being patient while she transitioned from only child to older sibling.

So, Happy Birthday, Sam! Know your daddy loves you, and that he'll always be here for you.