Monday, February 9, 2009

The things she says...

Mom, I think you're talented.
- Pardon?
You're talented.
-Oh. At - what? Singing?
-or dancing?
- picking my nose?
-What then?
At doing art.
-Oh. Well, um, thank you, Josephine. That's a very kind thing to say. You're talented, too.
-Nope? Yes, yes, you are. You're talented at art, too.
-What about Daddy? Is he talented?
-But Daddy does art too...?
Girls do art. Boys don't do art.
-Josephine, anyone can do art. Daddy draws great faces, and you're a very talented painter.
-What about Sam? Sam is talented, right?
Sam is talented at puking on the floor.
-Oh my.
...and Sam is talented at crawling and scooting and crying...
-True... I think you're a talented painter, Jo. And you're a talented singer and dancer, and you're very good at making people laugh. You know, being talented is a good thing to be... you are talented, don't you think?
Yes. And Daddy, too.
- Yes. (Whew.)

Are you a fat lady, Mom?
-Excuse me? A what?
A fat lady. You're a fat lady.
-No, honey, I'm not. And we don't really talk about people like that. You don't even know any fat ladies!
"names a person we know tangentially" is a fat lady.
- Josephine! She's not... (thinking, well...) she's not fat. Honey. No more talking about fat ladies. Please...


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