Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sam and his toothbrush.

Sam's at the point where he needs to learn new things. That's where Josephine came in. The other night, Jo and I taught Sam how to brush his teeth. First I brushed mine. Then Jo joined in. Then Sam felt that he had to mimic what we were doing. All three of us scrubbed and scrubbed and now he seems to want to do it every night he's at my house.

But, of course, as soon as I took away the toothbrush, he began to cry. We're still working on teaching him that some things we hang on to for only a little while. In general, he's beginning to really blossom in terms of being curious and aware of the world. It's a pleasure to be around him during the day.

Nights, however? Don't get Amy and I started about how frustrating he can be at 1:30 AM! Still, he's a beautiful little boy, isn't he?

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