Monday, February 9, 2009

Sledding Sans Snow

We went to one of my favorite playgrounds yesterday - I love it because there's all kinds of people there pretty much anytime you go, plus lots of challenging equipment (like a barrel roll!), and a fantastic hill. It's a hill perfect for sledding, and that's just what a gang of kids were doing - even without snow! We were delighted.

Delighted to watch, that is. I wasn't expecting Jo to work her way into the crowd - these kids were six and above - or for the next thing to be me watching the whole lot of them giving her a shove over the edge! She loved it! Next thing was she was holding hands with this little boy with an African accent who kept singing a popular dance song, and the two of them went on the sled together.

What impressed me about Josephine's personality is how determined she was to go down that hill, and how subtly and over time she enmeshed herself in the crowd - how brave and confident she was with the rowdier, older children - and how fearless she was about the fairly steep sled ride. She truly derives a great deal of joy from being around other kids. It's fun to see how independent she is in exploring her world.

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Sean Tubbs said...

She was the same way in the pool last week. She was scared, but she kept inching in and pushing her limits.