Sunday, January 31, 2010

Salt Dough Redux

Jo made this salt dough tree - but now what the heck do I do with it??

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Birds & Bees... kind of

Jo: Why don't Sam and I look the same?
Me: Well... because... (idea!)... because you and Sam were made out of different material.
Jo: Material? Why?
Me: Well, it's kind of like when you make a collage.
Jo: A collage?
Me: Yes, you make a collage out of scraps of red paper, and then you make a collage out of yellow paper. Both of the collages are yours, you made them, but they look different.
Jo: Oh.
Me: So Sam and you were both made by Daddy and Me in my tummy, but we used different material for each of you, so you look different.
Jo: In your tummy? We were made in your tummy?
Me: Yes. With Daddy's and Mommy's material.
Jo: How did it get in there?
Me: (Why did I say anything!) (dodged this one) We put the material in there, some of Daddy's, and some of mine, and it made you.
Jo: And what did it make?
Me: It made your brown curly hair, and your blue eyes, and your pale skin.
Jo: And what else?
Me: And your chin that is my chin, and your eyelashes that are Daddy's, and your feet just like mine.
Jo: And was I really tiny?
Me: Very very tiny! And you were in my belly, and I ate food to grow your body, so you would get bigger.
Jo: So I ate what you ate? I ate your dinner?
Me: Yes, you did!
Jo: So you ate your dinner and I ate it after? How?
Me: Well, it went down my mouth and into my tummy, and then from there it went into your tummy.
Jo: And did I poop?
Me: Yes, a little. But mostly the food made your body. Just like how we eat food now, so that we have energy and grow.
Jo: Did I wear diapers?
Me: No, you were naked.
Jo: I wasn't wearing anything?
Me: Nope. You were totally naked and curled up and when you came out, we put a blanket around you.
Jo: Why?
Me: To keep you warm when you came out! And then you nursed and drank my milk, and you had hiccups and Daddy talked to you.
Jo: And did I cry?
Me: A little.
Jo: And did I start with a J?
Me: Yes, because your Daddy and I decided to name you Josephine.
Jo: Will I have a baby when I grow up?
Me: If you decide to, you might.
Jo: I will decide to.
Me: Well, we'll see. You may not want to.
Jo: I want to; I want to have a baby.
Me: Well, you have plenty of time to think about it.

Jo: Mommy, when will I be five?
Me: Next year.
Jo: I want to be five now.
Me: Why?
Jo: Because I have too many time-outs, being four.
Me: You know what? Even grown-ups take time-outs.
Jo: They do?
Me: Sure! Time-outs don't mean you're bad. They mean you're taking some time to calm down and remember how to listen and be a kind person. I take time-outs when I get grouchy sometimes.
Jo: Oh.

Jo: Mama, is your Daddy died?
Me: Yes.
Jo: Why did he die?
Me: Well, his body was sick, too sick to stay alive anymore, so he died.
Jo: And where did he go?
Me: um...
Jo: Did we bury him in the ground?
Me: Yes, we did, didn't we? You remember? We put him in the ground so he could be part of the earth as it continues.
Jo: But why did he get sick?
Me: Because he was old.
Jo: You're not old.
Me: Not very old, no.
Jo: I'm not old. You're not old. We're young.
Me: That's true. We won't be old for a long time. But we do get older. Everyone does. I used to be as young as you, for instance, and now I'm older.
Jo: Where was I when you were young? Charlottesville?
Me: No, you weren't here yet.
Jo: Where was I? In your tummy?
Me: No, I was a little girl.
Jo: Where was Sam?
(Don't remember how I got out of this one...)

Jo: Mama, when is Tomorrow?
Me: Tomorrow is tomorrow.
Jo: Is Today Tomorrow?
Me: No, it's tomorrow. We don't ever get to it. It always stays - tomorrow, the next day.
(later) Jo: Mama, tomorrow isn't happening anymore.

Sunday, January 17, 2010