Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It was Josephine's turn to have 'the bag' at church last week (you bring something in it to church that reminds you of God).

She chose to bring two snakes and two books - because both were about courage.

"Snakes, because you and Lisa are afraid of snakes," she explained. "And in these books, they are about horses who escape captivity and go into the wild, and they have to have courage."

Why does this remind her of God?

"Because God had to have courage," she explained.

We were so proud when she spoke so articulately and confidently - and loudly - in front of the church, making her presentation, with noisy brother beside her. She gave a synopsis of each story so well. Many commented on her poise, even saying "she makes us adults look bad!"

So proud of my little sweetheart.