Thursday, July 21, 2011

The King has lost his head... of curls

I love how Josephine had to get in on the action at the end. Two hams, definitely.
Yes, Sam was asking to have a haircut, and he was definitely on the wild and shaggy side. He loves it. He loves playing King and wielding a comb for effect.

This morning he told me he wanted to be a dinosaur when he grew up.

Mind you, his favorite lovey at present is a fairy, and this morning he exuberantly kept giving me Big Cuddles, so he is still sweet Sam...

Meanwhile, Josephine and I are writing a book together - I'm taking stories I've told them and putting them down and Jo is illustrating. She told me yesterday, "I'm a better artist than you, Mama." "And look, I'm sketching!"

The battery of questions this morning and yesterday included:
"Why is it called a 'living' room?"
"What if no one ever got sick?"
"What if I had FIVE million things?"
"Why are they called 'loveys'?"

Sam is getting in on the action now, too. (ack!)
"Mama, why are we on this planet?" he asked the other day.
I said we didn't really know.
Jo piped up, "I know. It's because there's air and water here, this is the only planet we can live on. Except maybe one of the moons of Jupiter, where there's water."

Sam continues to tell us about his magical imagination Office. "I have a wand at my office," he'll say. At his office lives his five girls. I love listening to Jo ask questions about his office: Where is it? How do we get there? How many girls do you have? The answers vary.

Josephine starts kindergarten at the end of August.
Sam starts his new preschool at the very end of August.
They are both excited - and a little nervous.
So am I!