Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sam Turns Seven

Sam's birthday weekend! Included a ninja party, basketball, tree climbing, and presents. AWESOME.

Girl Scout Sales & Snow Day Trails

I think one of Jo's favorite things about the snow is finding out what to eat it with - apples, maple syrup, or just by itself.

In keeping with her very texture-sensory-seeking nature, she loves to just plough into the cold heaps, dig down, bury her face and knees, take it all in with literal gulps.

Sam's more into the racing and ball-throwing possibilities. And he's also, after several snows, sick of it.

I am very sick of Girl Scout cookies. Eating them, selling them, slogging them around in the van, talking about them.

Yes, that IS Josephine dressed in an "outfit" of boxes while conducting sales.

We have watched way too much television during all this snow activity. But the highlight for me has been watching and critiquing the styles on the red carpets (oscars, grammys). Josephine aspires to have her clothing lines there. The other day she demonstrated how she would design a dress to look like and be made from a daffodil. She comes home with scattered, tatty pages and pages of clothing sketches for fairies, queens, superheroes, and cats. She gets inspired watching the red carpet fuss.

Sam's commentary is more comedic. And often accurate. "Why is she wearing that office dress to the red carpet?" he asked. So true, Sam. So true. Why.

Note: Love that he calls classical music "charming music," girly things "glossy," - his own vocabulary for things. He didn't want to go to the free after school session with UVA architecture students because, "I'm more of an art man."

Jo, however, jumped in and built a bridge out of tape and loved it. She's also loving chess club.