Monday, November 3, 2008

A Good Nightmare

Jo's Halloween Dream:

There was a scary witch, and she was flying into the dark.
She was wooden.
Her shoes were made of wood, and she had wings.

There were bakers.
They had to bake a strawberry cake.
They were with my friends in Mexican.

Then the witch, she did fly, and she was bad, but she wanted to be good.
She wanted to take off her clothes and be good.

Then my friends did walk out of my dream.
They ate the cake and then came out of my dream.

It was a good nightmare.

While listening to music in the car:
"Mom! Mom!"
"Yes, Jo, what is it?"
"My bum is dancing!"
A strange imagination:
I hear her crying out. I go to her room.
"Jo, what is it?"
"Look in my bed!"
I look. There is nothing there.
"Uh... what am I seeing?"
"It's my mommy and daddy. They are here in bed and they can't wake up. " freaky...

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