Friday, November 14, 2008

the story today from the girl...

above: in her chicken-duck outfit, posing with the lovely airplane bag from linda miller, the amazing quilter who has made a quilt for both children, and then this bag that we used while flying...
below: in the adorable butterfly costume from Grandma Phyllis, while Sam, in his Texas shirt, looks on - Josephine insisted he wear this shirt today so that he could "do ballet" with her as "Sparkle Man" - be a "ballet-er" -

I did dream that I was a bird and I did fly into the sky - with my bird friends -

my daddy did make me a bird costume but it was too big - but I wore it -

he did a shortcut -

then, changing subjects: You should dye your hair pink.

and later:

my other parents - they are trees -

(she has taken to babbling as if speaking in tongues - as if it means something - so funny - )

sam update:
the other day he waved bye by and hi - words included; he scamper-crawls; 21 pounds - is in 50% for weight and only 25% for height, meaning he's stocky already; the reddish curls continue...

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