Saturday, October 11, 2008

The First Ballet

Last week we took Jo and Lily to their first ballet: The first performance by the new Charlottesville Ballet Company at the McGuffey Art Center's First Friday (art opening). Both short dances were performed by three ballerinas; we got to sit on the front row and see it all up close.

We did have to wait a while to get in and then, once in, we had to wait for the show to start. Jo and Lil were the warm-up act - they danced on the "stage" while MB and I cringed, hoping we weren't going to get kicked out. We didn't; and the girls were mostly quiet and contained during the performance - except for Lily leaning over to Jo and, in a stage whisper, saying: "When they're done, it will be our turn; we'll get their dresses."

In other words, they were entranced, but not so impressed that they weren't ready to get up and do it themselves.

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