Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our Little Consumer

It doesn't take long for them to figure it out, does it?

Like, Josephine quickly caught onto the meaning of "trick or treat" and the concept that candy lived in the plastic pumpkin - and that if she moved chairs around, she could find a way to climb and get at the good stuff.

Now, it's Christmas - and one mention that 'maybe Santa will bring that to you for Christmas' - how did she find a stash of Dora music in a corner at Lowe's????!!! inbred tracking device for all things Dora?? - and the next thing I know, when she discovered a wooden playhouse outside the hardware store - had to go inside of course - as we left it, she said, "Christmas." In a very confident manner. Nodding her head with assurance. As in - it's okay to leave the little house - I'll get it for Christmas.

ACK! She just turned two! She still loves playing with lint and gets excited over the Dust Bunnies on the stairs! (Why clean the house when dirt can be so fun!?)

Meanwhile, I'm debating whether to give in to the Miss Piggy fetish.

What am I talking about? I'm freaking out over defending my child against the onslaught of consumerism - not because I have a problem with Dora or Miss Piggy, but because they get turned into little keys to trigger kids into wanting other products they don't need - and I don't want Christmas to become about 'what do I get' - even this young.

Sigh... and of course, the indulgent mother in me actually took a look at the wooden house, contemplated for a second whether I'd have time to buy the lumber and construct it before - I mean, I have the tools - no, no, no, stop stop stop!!! What am I thinking!!! Get me out of here! No store is safe, obviously...


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