Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday afternoon selection

Yes, I have no shame. Here's one of our favorite activities - playing Boing Boing on the guest bed, jumping up and down, wearing funny hats, often with the 'doodle' (swim noodle)...
There's tons of photos from Daddy and Jo having an 'adventure' out walking today (Amy got some time to herself! yay!) and so on... but I'm not up to uploading them all, so here's a sample!

With Alex today, after church.

Her language skills are amazing us, as she strings together three and four-word sentences more and more. Funny story of the day: She and Daddy were in the backseat (we took Craig to lunch) and playfully, Daddy put Jo's red bow - well, he couldn't really find much hair anywhere but in his beard. He was trying to explain - Daddy doesn't have much hair - and out came "WHY? Daddy, why?"

She's Growing Up!
I feel like she's so super grown up. She's always been a very perceptive and watchful child, but as she develops, this quality about her deepens, almost to unsettling levels. Perhaps every parent experiences that feeling - this child who started off not even being able to completely focus her eyes is now watching your every move, mimicking your every word, she's aware now - and a new level of self-consciousness enters the relationship. Now that she is asking all the questions we all ask at this age - what is it, what is so and so doing, what happened, why, where, - now that she uses words of preference and identity - like it, want it, I need you, me! - she is truly this individual, separate person, and it's amazing.

Moon Go?
This may be a ridiculous comparison, but if you've ever read that book Flowers for Algernon, about the guy with a nothing IQ who gets advanced and then recedes again - well, it's that same kind of process, (of course, right?). So, like, the whole concept about the moon - and how, when we're driving in the car, the moon comes and goes depending on which direction we turn - and then the moon is gone but the sun is there, "up there!", well, it's this whole natural, everyday occurrence that she is discovering and gulping down for the first time. Like she's an alien from another planet trying to understand the way it works. "Stars go? Moon go?" she asks me, and I try to explain that the stars and moon are still there, even if we can't see them - but I know that doesn't make a whole heck of a lot of sense.

Broken Moon
And then, of course, the moon changes shape - that's a hard one to explain to a two-year-old. "Broken moon, moon broken," she told me the other night, when she saw the moon as just a waxing sliver. And yeah, I can see why she says that. It sounds like the beginning of a poem. She only can really understand in terms of her limited language...

Meanwhile, she has not nursed for a week now. Looks like the weaning effort has been successful. As many a mother says, it is a bit sad for me, as well as a relief. It's been hard when she's begged for it, because of course I want to make her happy if I can. But now she just asks "boob doing?" and goes along her merry way, and she's not a baby anymore. I understand why some cultures have parties for this kind of thing. I also cannot believe I'm tearing up (except I"m pregnant, and everything makes me cry these days)...

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