Friday, October 12, 2007

She Sings; She Frightens; She Resists Overalls

1) Yesterday I went to D.C. to co-teach a training class on writing for the web to leaders in our organization's societies from around the world. It was fun - but I didn't get home till after 10, and my girl was asleep (Daddy did a great job). I looked in on her. I had missed her.

She sleeps like both Sean and I - all over the place. Check on her every half hour, and she's in a new position, her bush of curls crowning her head like a shadow.

Lately, when I've put her to sleep, according to the miraculous tradition Daddy instigated and which we follow every night, she doesn't just go down after the books (five) and the ritual of saying goodnight to everything in the room - I have to sing to her. And I guess the singing is making an impression?

She woke at 3 a.m. and wanted her teddy bear - and to sleep with me. Because I'd been gone, and had missed her, and was too tired to argue, I consented. Then, while half asleep, she started singing - quite startled me - "Aaaamyy... Archie, Aaaamy, Archie..." (Archie is the tough cat across the street.) When she woke this morning, she walked around the house singing a wordless, chant-like aria, quite a long one. It just gives me such pleasure to hear her singing...

2) It's interesting how Jo is scared of Halloween items in the store. Could it be the frightening display of skeletons at Michael's a few weeks ago?

3) Doesn't like overalls. I can only think that the buckles remind her of the restraints in her car seat - which she also has started not liking - she wants to be 'free,' I guess? "No pants, mommy, no buttons, no pants!" Tears streaming down her cheeks. So much for the adorable overalls...

Did I mention she's turning TWO on Sunday???

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