Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Birthday Party

I can't upload photos for some reason - there's a blog error - so you'll have to go to the gallery to see photos from the party!

(We actually didn't bill this as a party - rather, just had Josephine's favorite people over for cake. Still, I found balloons from last year, so it felt like a party...and it was indeed a lot of fun.)

Sunday after church Sean's parents took us out to lunch at our favorite Indian buffet, where we got the circular booth that Jo loved tromping around in (to parental chagrin). Grandad (dad-dad!) and Grandma (ma!) drew pictures to entertain.

After a quick stop-off at Kmart for candles (you can't remember everything!) we went home and opened presents, including a broom/mop/cleaning kit from cousins Allie and Ryan - this was a huge hit at the end of the party, when little pieces of styrofoam had snowed all over the place; all the little kids got something to clean with and went to town (not doing much, but having fun). Josephine likes the "man" (Mr. Clean) on the broom. She did a little sweeping this morning, even.

A package from Grandma Helen had dozens of stickers, shiny and puffy - at the end of the gallery, you'll see that Josie stuck mama's face with them and we took pictures. You'll also see the pretty pony shirt she got from Grandma Helen! The stickers are everywhere, and the pony shirt much loved. She also got a set of manners books, a sweet mouse book, and a cool jean purse stuffed with goodies. Great-Grandma sent a book, too, which Josie was reading quite seriously this morning.

Of course, because this is the way it works with toys, one of them required technical assistance - the beautiful easel - Grandad and our friend Wes with daughter Zara spent the good part of an hour assembling this - which was good, as everyone else was late - they had something to do!

As for the trainset, everyone got in on the action for putting that together. Jo loves her 'choo-choo train.' It's the kind we can build upon in the coming years, too.

The trike she can't quite get going, but Grandad did some helpful pushing so she could ride it a little around the house! Can't wait to take it for a spin.

One of Jo's favorite things about her birthday was getting all the lovely cards - every day she pulls them out and inspects them. She took a couple of them on a walk with us the other day and kept making me 'sit down! mommy' on the pavement so we could read them at various intervals. Billy was not amused.

Oh yes, the cake! Ben and Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough. Verrry yummmy.

Also in attendance: Cora, who watches Jo during the week, with her daughter Anna, the girl getting love from Billy - Josephine absolutely adores Cora and Anna (I do, too), talks about them all the time - Anna is six going on 30, always watching out for Josie and the younger kids, giving hugs to everyone. Violet from gym class came with her dad Warren - Violet is the first girl Josie's age I've seen her play with so well - and when they gave each other a hug goodbye, I could have fainted from Cuteness Overload. And Christine ("deen!") brought Caroline ("line!") and Audrey - our dear friends who are more like family. Not pictured are the lovely books and the soft tree of animals brought by these wonderful friends.

Sean and I are totally wowed by our daughter being two years old. We just can't believe it.

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