Sunday, October 7, 2007

Weekend Update

In the "take your daughter to work" file for the day: Daddy showed Josephine how to use his battery tester to determine if a battery is still good or not.

In the "disturbing yet amazing" file: Yesterday morning, Jo managed to find a bag of advil I had in my dismantled office. She had heard Daddy saying he had a headache (the rest of us, including the dog, were still in bed). Jo came in and handed Daddy exactly two of the pills. We had no idea where she had gotten them, and of course we were freaked out that she might have swallowed some - but no, we found the bag, she had obviously just gotten two for him, though how she knew that and put that together with his headache - well, it was scarily impressive (and yes, the pills are now out of reach).

We're still looking for the missing camera... kind of a good thing, as we ended up cleaning out both cars... Meanwhile, Josephine draped herself in flower leis... all of them...

Here's another two pictures from the dog park day, including the one I love of her standing on the beam at the park. Daddy came with us to Gym Class Saturday, and he had fun jumping around and walking the balance beam... then we went and had breakfast... a lovely Saturday morning...

It's October, but it's HOT. Ugh.

The "mine" and "my"s continue - as do the constant inquiries as to "daddy doing? mommy doing? billy doing?" and so on. We've taken to trying to invent things to make her laugh.

And oh my goodness, she's going to be TWO next Sunday!!!! I can't believe it!

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