Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Hard Night...

[This is the e-mail I sent to Sean last night - he was moderating another candidate forum last night.]

1) At the dog park, some dog named Vanilla grabbed Billy by the throat and started to shake him - and the owner didn't leave the park - I went to the table and the others said yeah, that Vanilla is a terror, it attacks other dogs and shouldn't be allowed here - then I had to dump poo and the dog did it AGAIN - luckily, Billy was hiding under the table so the other people managed to intervene with their feet and I started screaming at the top of my lungs "No - THIS IS NOT APPROPRIATE - your dog cannot do this to other dogs!!! YOu need to leave!!" It was INTENSE. The dude left. Everyone said Vanilla needs to be banned. I don't know how such a thing happens. I was really upset and Billy was a bit unctious but eventually he was okay and got a good play in.

If Jo says "Billy bite" that's what she's referring to. She was somewhat unfazed.

2) So, it was getting pretty dark, but Jo would not be dissuaded from the playground, so we went. Actually she just walked the beam a lot - and then the swings - and then it was really really getting dark so we had to go. I stopped and got a little ice cream.

3) Since Billy had peed on me and Jo had done circles in the dog dirt, I figured she needed a bath - so got out the baby bath, let her play with it while I cooked dinner. Somehow this playing ended up with a bowl of water being dumped all over the kitchen floor. No worries - Jo got her mop and I got mine and we moved the water around the floor for a while. But after dinner the bath time started fine but then she was screaming and you know, you get halfway through - sigh. She hates baths when it's not Splash Splash time with Daddy.

4) We started reading books around 8:45.
5) Then she wanted the bow back in her hair. The pink bow. Fine.
6) Then her doll Jo had to have a bow in her hair.
7) Then her doll Betsy had to have a bow in her hair, only she doesn't have hair, so I improvised. - tied a rag around her head.
8) Betsy #2 and Betsy #3, also bald, had to have bows.
9) Finally, we got back to the books and then - well, we had to read the mouse book a few times.
10) Then she did not want to go to bed. No bed time. No lay down. My bike. My stool. Song. Another song. Etc etc.
It is now 10:13. She went down finally - after many tears and up and down and my mommy and more singing and more me hanging out in the room - about five minutes ago.

I know I need to clean up the kitchen, but I don't feel like it. We've been moving and I"ve been on my feet since we hit the dog park at 6 pm, 4 hours ago. I am now going to eat the darn ice cream.

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