Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Three's Company (four)

Last night, as per usual on Tuesday nights, Daddy was at a city meeting, so Josephine and I took Billy on a walk to the playground by ourselves.

She's just started saying recently "Daddy gone" or "Billy gone" or asking "where Daddy?", though she doesn't quite get the concept, as sometimes she'll say that and still call for Daddy or Billy when they're not there (Billy hiding from Josephine). (Yesterday, too, I asked where Billy had gone and she told me quite confidently, "Beach. Billy beach.")

But her concept of us is definitely as a three (or four) person family. She always points out Daddy's toothbrush when she's brushing her teeth (and making me brush my teeth). And at the playground, after I got her going in her swing, she pointed at the another swing - "Mommy swing" - meaning - "go swing, mommy." So I did. Then she pointed at the swing next to me - "Daddy swing" and nodded her head. She was reserving a seat for him.

This really touched me, and made me feel more than ever that our family unit and our life together is truly blessed.

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