Tuesday, August 21, 2007


We went to Target the other night for one thing and there was a toy sale and we ended up getting a couple things for Josephine for her birthday (October) and Christmas - a small wooden train set and a wooden kitchen, two things she loves playing with at other places.

So if you're a person who buys presents for Josephine, and you come across a sale or a yard sale (second hand is always appreciated and encouraged!), I thought you might like to know some of things she loves to play with /needs upcoming (please think this is helpful and not a demand or order or anything! we are happy also with no presents and just your love!) :

  • Wooden fruit/food - the kind you can "cut" are really cool (14.95 on BabyCenter.com)
  • Kitchenesque accessories - to go with the kitchen
  • Books - always!
  • Puzzles - has a few from last year, loves them
  • Bath toys - right now all we have are ducks and some little cups - would also love this 'flo' thing that covers the faucet and shoots water out to rinse - really cool
  • Cars, trucks that do things (diggers, fire engines)
  • Dollhouse furniture - she's got a mix of secondhand stuff, some wood, some fisher price
  • Doll clothes - her new baby doll has one dress
  • Easel - prefer wood, not plastic
  • Art supplies - anything, everything - she loves it all - clay, paper, paint...
  • Clothes - right now she's between 18 months and 24 months size - still only about 25 lbs - she'll be needing winter clothes; we have some overalls and pants
  • Any kind of cubby-hole-type furniture/organizer - she loves to organize items into boxes and holes and such
By the way, I love being a parent. I mean, I am really really happy having a child. I don't think I say this often enough, so I thought I would say it now - Josephine is so much fun, and such a sweetheart, and being a family with her just makes me swell with joy.

The yucky first-trimester hormones are obviously wearing off!

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