Friday, August 17, 2007

Baby Loves the Water - Photos!

View this new slideshow of photos from our trip to Virginia Beach with my very good friend Robin and to the lake, where we celebrated Sean's birthday and enjoyed a dance by cousin Allie and her two friends. There's also some messy food photos - I was trying to capture these hilarious faces Josie was making. (It doesn't seem possible, but she's getting more and more expressive and comedic every day.)

She loved the water - I mean, both in the hotel pool and at the beach, she tended to leap into the water, hands outstretched, ready to swim. I'm glad she's not afraid, but I sure was (hee).

You'll see photos in the slideshow from the acquarium - so fun! The otters were adorable, sleek and curly; I never knew otters were so entertaining!

Here's Joby (as we sometimes call her) on the little miniature carousel at the arcade. She was extremely serious as she went "around and around!" (one of her favorite phrases).

We don't have any photos of it, but while the dance show was going on, Jos kept sidling onto the "stage" and doing her own little boogie... it was hard to keep her out of the fray... very cute.

Our excursions are mostly done for the summer - and now with the drought going on here, some of the local pools are closed... but it's been lovely! We're hoping to take a movement class this fall. Sean and I are ready for cooler weather...

One of my favorite moments from this last week: While brushing my hair, she went and brought me a book to read to keep me occupied while she brushed!

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~Mommy~ said...

The Marine Science Museum is such a fun place to visit while in Virginia Beach (lived there for 20+ years). There's also a Children's Museum in Portsmouth--you can park at Waterside in downtown Norfolk and take the ferry (free?) across the water to the museum. For the next trip, that is.