Friday, August 31, 2007

Everything She Does is Magic... Sorta

Today I had a half-day off from work and got to spend it with J. It's been awesome. We mostly just lolled around the house, playing with her dollhouse and reading books and eating ice cream. We found a little table and chair set at the thrift store, too.

And then there's those moments where I am thinking to myself "Really? This is my child??" and I'm laughing (or cringing...):
1) When she brushes my hair and then styles it so that it's covering my entire face - and she smiles like, yeah, that's it - now she looks good.
2) When she takes a piece of jewelry and tries to shove it my ear to make it into an earring
3) When she shoves her hand down my shirt in the grocery store screaming "BOOB! MY BOOB!"
4) When she's "feeding" me and the food she brings to me is an old, nasty scrubbing sponge (where did she find that?!) and I have to not only pretend it looks delicious but she wants me to pretend to eat it, too
5) When she gets horrified at the wet, cut grass that sticks to her toes and flip-flops, but has no problem tasting dirt
6) When she plops books on the computer, like she is now, when for five seconds I am not paying attention to her, making it impossible - almost- to type

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