Monday, August 27, 2007

Step Stool Fun, Etc.

Moving On Up

Josephine gets a new step stool so she can climb up and wash her hands and brush her teeth all by herself- and she's so happy about it!

I usually have to brush my teeth with her, too, and sometimes Daddy joins in as well. We all have great breath these days!

Of course, we have a drought in our area right now, so I have to be careful to make sure she's not just running the tap to play with the water...

Curly Joe
We spent the weekend rearranging the living room/dining room area - cleaned out a lot of yucky furniture, but added this nice red papasan. We also removed the television - we don't watch it anymore upstairs anyway. The result - a cleaner, more comfortable, human-feeling space! Here's J with her new doll. I'm hoping they'll 'bond'. I trimmed her bangs again. She's been called Shirley Temple a couple times recently - I was, too, at her age...!

This girl loves her shoes.
She got a new pair of running shoes with Daddy on Saturday... these are some winter boots she found and started strutting about in... The frown has been making its appearance more and more these days, but she's still a happy kid most of the time!

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