Monday, September 21, 2009

Rock Press

a) Today we made salt dough and colored it. Jo made a big mermaid and Sam made a big mess.
b) Later, we went to a park and Jo found a rock. "I'm starting a rock collection," she told me. "And we can put this in a rock press to dry it out, and put tape around it, or put it in a seat to dry it, so..." We've been collecting flowers for the flower press - I just cracked up at the 'rock press' idea...
c) Where is the sun? Is the sun up all the time? Where are the planets? Where is earth? She's got all the big questions down pat.

She also enjoys making grass soup in an old pot I don't use for cooking anymore.
It's gross.
But Sam gets jealous because he doesn't have an old pot.

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