Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cute Tyrants

Did I mention that Sam likes to take his diaper off and poo on the floor? That he bites? That he does naughty things so he can put himself in time out? That he keeps me up all night? And that he's got the cutest laugh ever? Here he is playing in Jo's butterfly wings.

Meanwhile, Jo is into learning about everything. Last night we discussed bats, and how they fly, sonar vision. Do they have nests? Are they born from eggs? Do they go out of their bodies when they die? Why are they small? Why do they fly at night? Why do they sleep upside down?

She also apparently wants to go to space and likes drawing pictures of the planets.

Oh yes, and also, an older friend of hers has started losing teeth, so lately all of Jo's drawings feature mouths with gigantic teeth or missing teeth, which leads to quite the ferocious effect.

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Sean Tubbs said...

For the record, Sam never takes his diaper off at my house!