Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Daddy's pictures from the last little while

Amy's posted some of her pictures, so I thought it was time to post some of mine. I've not had a digital camera for a while, but I borrowed one from work. This is a collection of random shots from the last two weeks or so.

Sam loves to push his face up against my screen door. He used to try to escape to freedom, but I think he likes the house now. After all, half of his toys and books are there!

Josephine loves to read. I'm convinced she's getting more of the words then she's letting on. These days, she'll spend a lot of time concentrating on the pictures.

Sam can be relied on to take a bath. Josephine fights it quite a lot, but I manage to get her to come in anyway (most of the time). Sam loves to fill up cups and pour them out. I have to tell him time and time again that water is supposed to stay in the bath, but he doesn't always listen. After all, he still only speaks baby English.

Sam loves to emulate Josephine, and thankfully he's picking up her love of books. Increasingly, both of them can entertain themselves by picking up a book.

Now, here is a conundrum. Josephine still won't exactly snap to attention when I ask her to help me with chores. But, her grandfather asks, she's right on it. Here she is helping him clear brush at Smith Mountain Lake.

Josephine understands why we sometimes have to do things we don't want to do. In the past, she has fiercely resisted wearing her life jacket. But now, she doesn't seem to really be too concerned about it, and doesn't complain. Sam is the same way. In Josephine's case, it might be because Barbie is prominently featured on the life jacket.

Similarly, Sam wasn't too enthusiastic about the boat the last time he was on board. However, since then, he's become a little more enthusiastic about anything that has a steering wheel. He's a boy. He is most definitely a boy.

I think they're doing really well and I am so proud to be their daddy.

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