Sunday, September 6, 2009

End of summer

Kid update!
Sam is 19 months old and perhaps ready to start toilet-training - he often poops in his diaper and then rips it off when I'm making breakfast in the kitchen - yes, quite lovely start to the morning... He's learning how to say "Help!" when he gets frustrated, instead of scream-howling... he can say "I want that!" and "Thank you" and "hula hoop" and "moon" and a million other words, because he pretty much mimics everything any of us says... though he's still working on the not-grabbing-Jo's-toys piece...

Josephine just gets more articulate and animated and fun every day. I'm so excited about her being four. She is often singing operatically around the house, and says things like "Actually," and "I'm doing something, did you notice?" Always "did you notice?" She still feels frustrated with Sam a lot, but they also play well.

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