Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 2012 wrap-up

One of the favorite pastimes at my house is to go through the box of keychains. I picked them up FreeCycle years ago. There are all sort of miniature versions of games, such as Don't Break The Ice. For adult hands, this is incredibly hard to put together. But, Josy delighted when we were able to play. 

This is the delight face. 

Sitting on the bench in my front garden. 

Josy likes butter!

Here we are trying to engineer Don't Break the Ice. 

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago and we had pictures of Josy doing a snow angel? Here she is doing a shamrock angel! 

Sheepish grin after picking onions in the park. 

Sam joined Josy on the bench. The red line connects my daughter with my dog. 

They are discussing ways to re-engineer the space shuttle. 

My friend Mandi and Josy examine the new sidewalk that has been installed in my neighborhood. 

Sam still very much loves his pirate ship. 

Sam hugging a cone while we look at how sidewalks are installed. 

Sam tries his hand at a shamrock angel! 

You may not know this, but pirates are really good at cutting brush with their swords. 

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