Sunday, March 4, 2012

First weekend in March

The very last of Sam's birthday cake as he contemplates being 4 for a full month. 

We used to go to Azalea Park all the time, but this was our first return as a family in a very long time. 

I like taking Sam and Josephine to construction projects. They seem to like it. We are at the Jefferson Park Avenue bridge replacement. Josy wanted to know why the road was closed so we went up to investigate. I showed them the massive concrete embankments they're building. They really enjoyed it and wanted to keep looking around, but it suddenly started to get cold. 

Somewhere I know there's a picture of her as a younger girl in this same spot. I'm amazed at how big she is getting. 

I've been cleaning out the games cupboard. That gave Josy the opportunity to be a kitty-cat. Sam's in the background crawling to the potty. 

"She's got the whole world, in her hands!" 

"She's got the whole world, on her head!" - seriously - the kids love making planets out of Play-Doh, and then little moons to go around them. 

We talked for a few minutes about pipes. Are these being put in the ground, or are they the ones that were removed? We didn't know, but I like watching her try to figure out the answer. 

This is to document Josephine eating. She had three helpings of mac-and-cheese at lunch. She's growing so fast and needs her fuel. 

There is no question this child is mine. And that she is the grand-daughter of my mother and father. 

After the JPA trip, we came home with so many rocks. And, Josy decided they needed to be painted. And they were! 

Every weekend now we have a Play-Doh factory set up in my house. 

Can you see the little boy in this picture? 

We took Billy with us to the park, and Sam wanted us to know there was another dog in the park. 

This is likely going to be one of my favorite pictures of all time. Sam wanted to wait for Thomas to come. I'm going to have this blown up into a bigger picture, I think. Josephine was asking if the bridge was old, because it was rusted. Apparently, though, that's what VDOT does now.  I tried to explain to the kids, but I did show them the sign that said the bridge was manufactured in April 2011. 

Dogs dig holes. Little boys like to stand in them. He was overjoyed to be here. There were 10 dogs in the park today, and Sam and Josy were enthralled to be there. They spent so much time there when they were little. 

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