Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sam is Six Months

He is 18 pounds.
He can scoot around on the floor, "creep" I think they call it, so basically, he's mobile.
He can also sit up, though he prefers to stand - he can stand up, holding onto something, all by himself. He wants to walk. He is ready to GO!

I talked to the doctor about the frustration Sam seems to have when he wants to eat and move and loses toys - I guess it's just some kids are like this - when he starts eating, he wants to stuff his face; when he starts moving, he wants to go fast; and when he can't, he screeches in the most ear-piercing agony of desperate angst I've ever heard. And it works - none of us can stand it - even Jo will give him a toy to get him to calm down. VERY different from mild baby Jozy...

Though, I should say, he is still very easy to make laugh, very ticklish, very cuddly, and already a ladies' man - Jo's friend, Caroline, for instance, who is 4.5, adores him. He will grow up with no small amount of feminine love.

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