Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fairy Gets Her Wings

As you may recall, the last time we went to the doctor, he asked Jo about her doll Supergirl.
"Does she fly?"
"Do you fly"
"With my wings..."

Well, yesterday we took Sam to the doctor, and before we left, Jo insisted on wearing her wings - the doctor was super impressed, saying he would have to tell his family at dinner about this, as he had recounted the first conversation with her and obviously, she had remembered it and wore her wings. (Of course, I was super proud that the doctor thought her so clever.)

She also wore her new boots from friend Audrey (who is 7 months younger, but half a head taller) and her beach babe dress from friend Zara. A very cool look.

What I love is that, if you compliment Jo on her shiny red boots, she very sweetly says, "Thank you!" Her manners are sometimes impeccable - Yes, please, No thank you, "May I have scuze please?"

Other times, she gets red in the face trying to force herself to burp.


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