Saturday, August 9, 2008

Josephine's Imagination

Josephine has a big imagination. She lives in metaphor. She constantly reinvents the world.

"I've got hooks so we can hang up your playclothes and you can reach them," I told her yesterday.
"Hang them on the ceiling," Jo suggests.
"On the ceiling? But then you couldn't reach them."
"I can," she insists.
"I couldn't - I couldn't reach them!"
"I can, they go up on the ceiling, I jump high, I reach them, they go next to the ceiling fan, I fly up and get them," she says.

It's lovely, except when it's not.

"Does it go this way?" she asks, spinning her potty seat around. "Is it a hat? Is it glasses? Look, Mommy, I sit this way!"

And all I want to do is scream: "It's a potty seat! Sit on it and pee! Argghhh!"

Or: "I'm going to see my friends. They live that way." And off she runs, in the opposite direction of our house, with speed and conviction. Argghhh!

Above picture shows Jo watching the birds outside chugging it down from the new bird feeder...

Developmental news:
Jo is learning her letters, can recognize words like Moon and her own name. She knows things I haven't taught her - I said that "G" starts the word "girl," and she said, "G is for garden, too."

She knows how to count, and can do basic addition and subtraction.

I have taught her to understand that her daddy is "facetious" and that the story of where my Daddy is (dead) is "complicated."

She is potty trained (after the poo incident at the thrift shop, thank god, because I was going to go back to diapers until she was 45.)

When I tell her she's done a good job, she always tells me, "Good job, Mommy!"

It's so nice. I can't believe she's going to be three soon!!!

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ChrEliz said...

When you guys were over here the other day I was looking at her and thinking, yup, she is definitely looking more like a three year old than a two year old now. Even when she is sitting still and not saying anything. (All three seconds of that, anyway, that I saw... Hee!) For a short while Audrey seemed to catch up to her in age, but now Jo seems again to be soooo much older than her seven-months-her-junior friend. Hard to believe that when they're carousing around town as teenagers that there will be no difference in age at all. Why am I even thinking about that? Someone get me a drink. Good lord.

Great fun tonight. Hugs.