Friday, August 15, 2008

Germ Theory

One of the biggest perks about living where we do is it's small enough that we run into friends almost every time we leave the house. Last Friday, we were all tired and sluggish, but still dragged ourselves to Fridays After Five (free live music in the summer)... and we were so glad we did! We ran into ZB, Jo's little friend who adores her, son of my friend Emily - and the two of them ran and danced with abandon.

So, germs. Explaining clean vs. dirty, why swimming in the pool is okay but drinking the pool is not... it's all very complicated and mystifying to a toddler.
"Don't put your hand in my cup," I told her the other day.
"I have germs?" she asked.
"I have PINK germs." Of course. They still gross me out.

She's being so good with Sam (who is sitting up so well these days). He was grabbing at her and pulling her hair, and she asked me why - but then sighed with acceptance, answered herself, in a funny, deadpan voice: "I - am - a -toy." It was hilarious.

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