Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tales of the Pink Tomboy...

...that's Sean's new term for Jo - because she's super tough- climbs everything, runs unafraid with the dogs at the dog park, etc. - but also wants everything pink, including a park.

Her Take on the Smurfs, after discovering them for the first time:

"They need clothes... maybe a nightgown?"

So Much for Winning "Stump the Toddler":

I say, "Make a sound like a pig!" - She responds, per usual: "Oink, Oink!"
Make a sound like a frog - "Ribbit, Ribbit"
Make a sound like an octopus... ...(pause) ... "Ink! Ink! Ink!"

Random Declaration of Selfhood:
"The Other Josie is not me, no.
The Other Josie is not Jo.
I am Jo."

Oh, If Only We Could:
You know what we should do with Billy tonight? (asks me, thinking, Give him a haircut.)
With delight, Jo trills: "Paint Billy pink?!"
In the Odd-How-Are-Bits-of-Information-Mixing-Up-In-Your-Head file:
"I have three nipples."
"Three nipples???"
"Yes. Three nipples."
"You do? How so?"
"Because...I have a big party at New House."

...Sam news: He loves to chat, batting coos back and forth. And grabbing hair. He is such a baby. Just loves to "exercise" in his bouncy chair and 'gym' - pumping his legs furiously with his lips in a serious 0 shape.

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