Monday, April 7, 2008

And We Have Hit the WHY Stage...

First picture above: Jo is quite the actress these days... here she reminds me of Helena Bonham Carter. You know, the hair...the pathos...
Picture #2: Jo, who tells me now "I love Sam!" at random moments, "plays" with Sam in his "gym"... he puts up with it ... She did start to undress him at one point...
Pic 3: He does adore her. He is smiling and cooing more and more - he'll stop nursing to flash a grin at me, like 'mmm, this is good!' - and Jo's antics and "shows" provide quite the entertainment.

So yes, we're in the why phase.
Jo: Look this, mommy!
-That's a seed. An apple seed. If you plant that in the ground, it grows a tree, which then grows another apple.
Jo: Why?
- [to self: crap! I don't know!] Because... that's how things grow... from seeds... [I am lame]
Jo: Why?

In reverse, it goes like this:
Mama: Josephine, why did you rub chalk all over your face?
Jo: Because... because... because 'why'!

The other night I started to pick up her moon sand, saying, "Jo, you need to help me clean this up, or you can't play with this anymore."
She just pulled up a chair, sat down, folded her hands in her lap, and said, "I'll watch you."

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~Mommy~ said...

I notice that Josephine seems to have changed overalls...? Same shirt...? Emma changes her clothes all the time! While moving her closet to her height helped things, it also correlates to an increase in laundry. ::sigh::

Sam is just beautiful. There's nothing better than those baby smiles. Thanks for sharing.