Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sunday Photos and Updates

This week's Josephine highlights!

1. Chatting...
Jo - I like to talk to my friends.
Mama - What do you like to talk about?
Jo- Going to the dentist when I get bigger.

2. To Sam, who I dunk in the bathtub during Jo's baths:
He's a brave little guy.

3. About her little friend...
ZB come over tonight?
I want color him PINK.

4. At the playground:
She picked buttercups and saw a girl on the merry go round - "I want give her flowers." So she hopped on and presented the girl with the whole bunch. They spun around grinning at each other. After the girl had skipped back to her picnic table, Josephine told me: "It make me happy to give girl flowers." Then the girl's brother brought back the flowers, saying "My sister only wants one." Jo was a little befuddled. She picked more and brought them to the girl's picnic table. "I give girl flowers give her mother," she explained.

5. Imagination:
I don't think I've ever mentioned here how Jo pretends that her fingers are little people - 'Where's mommy?" she'll make her index finger call - and then Sean and I will make our fingers be mommy and daddy. Who needs dolls? Then, the other day, she was pretending her cardboard bricks were baby bricks, so much so that she was rocking them to sleep and actually cuddled one while she fell asleep!

6. Teddy bears now live in the cupboards - "their cave."

7. The Berenstein Bears' are "the wierd bears."

8. Updates on some favorites:
Favorite books:
Berenstein Bears
Jesse Bear
Curious George

Favorite books/videos:
Mary Poppins
Lola and Charlie
Little Bear
Miss Piggy

9. She can pretty much count and is now learning letters...

10. She's also pretty good about forming requests politely, as in "May I have...please?"

11. Daddy: "You're Dolly Madison."
Jo: "I not Madison. I DRINK medicine."

12. She peed in the potty! Of her own volition!

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