Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have to remind myself, she's only 2

She loves her daddy's comics.

Couple things I need to post here to remember:
1. Right now, Josephine has difficult pronouncing the "y" sound in "you."
This means that when she comes to me, saying, "This yo-you is for you" it comes out "This woah-woah is pour woo" and I just can't help laughing...

Also, she can't pronounce the L beginning her friend's name, Lily. It comes out "Willy."
So of course, Lily's mother said to me one night, "Oh, Lily's trapped. I need to go Free Willy."
Ha ha ha...

2. "I get bigger-bigger? I get boobs?"

3. I love the way she structures negative constructions in her sentences:
"I like dogs eating candy - no!"
"His hair long - no!"
"I want to go sleep - no!"

4. "I love him. I love Sam." When I hold them both in my arms, she sings happily, "Two Sams!"

My favorite observation from Sean last night: "Toddlers are just basically frat boys: you know, disgusting."

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